Conny Edorsson 3

Conny Edorsson

Conny is one of the founders and owners of Your Gallery AB and also its CEO. He is educated in image knowledge, composition and oil painting and lectures occasionally on the significance of using images in social media. Conny lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden but is often traveling in other countries with his Sony Nex-5 always ready....

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Ketsara ”Nim” Edorsson 0

Ketsara ”Nim” Edorsson

Ketsara is Deputy Board Member of Your Gallery AB. She was born and raised in Chumphon, Thailand but lives nowadays in Stockholm, Sweden. Nim enjoys portrait photography and exploring a camera’s many options for creating images with new angles, lighting and depth of field. She sees art in all the small simple things of everyday life. Ketsara takes most of her pictures with a Sony...

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David Rutström 0

David Rutström

David is one of the founders and owners of Your Gallery AB and Chairman of the Board. David is passionate about creating interesting images, which arouses involvement. He believes that photographs should convey emotions that affect the viewer. There can be many types of pictures that do. But it takes a sense of the photographer to know how to relate with their photos. David lives in Stockholm, Sweden and takes his pictures with a Canon EOS 600...

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Wendela Rutström 0

Wendela Rutström

Wendela is 24 years old and Deputy Board Member of Your Gallery AB. She loves photography, especially to take creative photos. She likes to capture the sometimes odd and different and she is driven by the desire to use the camera to compose vivid and beautiful images. Wendela lives in Stockholm, Sweden and takes her pictures with a Canon EOS 600...

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Marie Sjölander 0

Marie Sjölander

Marie lives in the archipelago at Sundsveden, 110 km northeast of Stockholm in Sweden. She has great interest in photography and sees potential motives for her camera in almost anything. Marie enjoys portrait- and nature photography. Themes that often can be seen in her pictures are the sea and the sun. She often sneaks out alone at dawn to capture the light of the first glowing beams from a rising sun....

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Börje Viklander 0

Börje Viklander

Börje is the senior pastor of Church of Sweden in Östersund, northern Sweden and a semi professional photographer in his own small business “Diagnosis”. Favorite shoots are city night lights and nature, but studio shoots are also part of his work. Börje’s first camera was bought in 1972, so it’s been on for more than 40 years now. Right now Börje is using a Nikon D810 camera.

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Irina Voss 0

Irina Voss

Irina was born in Russia and raised in Kazakhstan, but lives nowadays in Germany and Switzerland. She loves photography, movie making, writing, piano playing, sailing, Hawaii and Switzerland. Irina is mainly taking photographs of flowers, food, buildings and religious objects. She takes most of her pictures with a SONY alpha 7...

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Maria Zolotova 1

Maria Zolotova

Maria lives in Moscow, Russia. Photography plays a very important role in her life. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, her camera is always with her. She likes to experiment and try herself in various styles, she believes that our world is so unique and extraordinary that it’s just unacceptable to limit yourself to anything.

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