Terms of Use

As a subscriber to the app Your Gallery you are allowed to use all images without restrictions. You do not have to worry about copyright, royalties or naming / accrediting the photographer or illustrator – you are free to use the images for all your needs. No further permissions are required. You may also crop, change colors, reduce, enlarge and edit the images according to your preference.

However, it is strictly forbidden to use images from Your Gallery in any abusive contexts or in a manner considered that would be a breach of law.

It is not permitted to invoke the images as your own, for example in photo sharing applications, to participate in photo contests and or similar forums in the public domain. It is also strictly not permitted to sell photographs acquired from Your Gallery to any third party.

Otherwise, subscribers to Your Gallery may use the images freely: on the web, in blogs, social media, in advertisements, in printed matters, publications and more.

Privacy Policy

Your Gallery does not store any personal information. We only store IP addresses when downloading photographs and e-mail addresses provided when purchasing high resolution images. None of this information is shared with any other third party. Please also refer to iTunes (Apple’s) Privacy Policy.