The App

Your Gallery is the app that opens the door to thousands of images for free use.



New images daily

Every day we publish new images in the Your Gallery app. We have signed agreements with a number of photographers and illustrators worldwide and expect initially to publish on average 300 new images each month. Gradually, it will become even more numerous. 

The images are free to use

When you subscribe to the app or buy high resolution images, you do not have to worry about copyright, royalties or accrediting the photographer or illustrator – you are free to use the images for all your needs. You may also crop, change colors, reduce, enlarge and edit the images according to your preference.

However, it is of course strictly forbidden to use images from Your Gallery in abusive contexts.


You can subscribe to the app semi-annually or for a full year. To subscribe for 6 months costs USD 5.99 and to subscribe for 12 months costs USD 9.99. The subscription allows you to freely use all images in the app. The links at the bottom of the page takes you to App Store and Goggle Play where you can download Your Gallery.

Various motives

In the app you will find images with various motives – for instance people, animals, landscapes, vehicles, nature, cities, evocative and mood creating images – from different parts of the world. The images are created by dedicated people who love photography and shooting beautiful, creative and appealing images. Our illustrators here share their vast work of illustrations suitable for any  kind of reproduction. All image that we offer in the app are expressions of artistic work.

Find the right images

To help you easily find the images that you need, we have added a number of categories to choose from. We also have a well-developed full-text search.

Fantastic picture quality

The photographs and images in the app are of high quality, which means that they work well in many productions, such as on websites, in blogs, in social media and in smaller printed materials.

Downloading the images

As a subscriber, images are downloaded easily on your mobile device. Simply place your finger on the download symbol underneath an image in the app. The image is then saved in the camera roll on your device.

After you have saved the downloaded images, you can work with them on your device.

 Images in the computer

If you frequently work with pictures in your computer; you can after saving images in your camera roll, choose to download them to your computer, for example by emailing them to yourself.

 High resolution images …

If you need images to a production that requires a larger format, e.g. printout size “A4”, “letter” or larger, you may need a high resolution images to be able to work with it in a computer.

 …also on offer!

We have solved it by offering the majority of our images to be bought at a low price in a high resolution format. A high resolution image costs only USD 1,99. When you buy a high resolution image, it is supplied as an image link to the email address you provide during the purchase. The high-resolution images are from 8 megapixels and up. The exact pixel dimension for the high resolution images, you can see when you put a finger on the image in full screen mode. The more pixels – the larger format you can use for printouts, while maintaining high quality.


We hope you´ll get great use of  Your Gallery. Feel free to download the app!